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As mentioned earlier in an over view of the long history of racial discrimination in pro football, below, I have taken the time to list all the minority coaches that were on staffs of the coaches in the Continental Football League.

Equal opportunity was not just for the players, but also for coaches.

Duane Allen, Assistant layer-Coach, became mid-season, playing HEAD COACH, 1968 Las Vegas Cowboys
Clarion ( Monk ) Bailey, II,  Assistant Player-Coach, 1969 New Jersey Jays
Robert Cortez, Assistant Player-Coach 1969 West Texas Rufneks
Samuel David Fernandez, Assistant Player Coach, 1965 Charleston Rockets
                        Assistant Player Coach, 1966 Charleston Rockets
                        Player Head Coach, 1967 Charleston Rockets
                        Assistant Player Coach, 1968 Charleston Rockets
                        Assistant Player Coach, 1969 Ohio Valley Ironbmen                      
MIllard Fleming, Assistant Player-Coach, 1969 Indianapolis Capitols
Ronald Fowlkes, Assist Player-Coach, 1968 Orange County Ramblers
Proverb Jacobs, Assistant Coach, 1967 San Jose Apaches
Robert McAdams, Assistant Player-Coach, 1966 Orlando Panthers
Charles Oslo, Assistant Player Coach, 1968 Arkansas Diamonds
Frederick Robinson, Assistant Player Coach, 1965 Toronto Rifles
                                            1966 Toronto Rifles
Carver Shannon, Assist Coach, 1967 Long Beach Admirals
Herbert Trawick, Assistant Coach, 1966 Montreal Beavers
Robert Tubbs, Assistant Player-Coach, 1968 Ohio Valley Ironmen                                                                        1969 Ohio Valley Ironmen 

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